Fall Fashion: What Makes You Add to Cart?

Fall Fashion: What Makes You Add to Cart?

With autumn underway, the weather is getting crisper and students are switching out their summer clothes for their fall wardrobe. How do they decide what to add to the rotation? What influences them to click Add To Cart

For me, footwear is extremely important, since I walk to class every day. I need shoes that will keep me warm as the temperatures start dropping, but that will also keep me dry when it rains or snows. I’m always on the lookout for shoes⁠—and brands⁠—with form and function at the forefront. More than that, everyday style, comfort, and durability are all crucial in my quest to find good fall footwear. Keeping all of these important points in mind, I landed on Thursday Boot Company about a year ago, and I haven’t looked back since. The brand dedicates itself to developing boots and shoes that represent all of the values I look for in footwear.

I got my first pair a little over a year ago, and it’s a pair I still keep in my rotation. Meet the olive suede Duchess boot:


These Duchess boots pair well with anything! I mostly wear them with jeans, and I’ll add thick socks when it starts getting to those winter temperatures we all love to hate. The studded rubber soles provide excellent traction, and the suede is treated with materials that ensure the shoe is water-resistant. These are my go-to boots for when it’s drizzling outside, but not heavily enough that I’d need rain boots.


Next up is the natural Captain boot! This leather ages extremely well, and the laces are waxed to promote durability. In my opinion, these shoes go well with leggings and cute, cozy socks for the crisp fall weather. They are also available in vegan materials, which is unique, as many brands don’t focus on both style and sustainability/ethical sourcing!


Thursday Boot Company is also my go-to brand for when I feel like putting a little extra effort into my fall outfits! These black suede Highline boots are perfect for dinner when my parents are in town, orchestra concerts when I need black shoes, and exploring a new city! I once spent a week in Spain, exploring new places, and I exclusively wore this boot!


Keeping in line with the Spain theme, these white gloss leather Heartbreaker boots are made in Alicante, Spain, and they’re perfect for when you need a little extra spice in your outfit! The uniquely-shaped block heel makes this boot both a showstopper and a heartbreaker, and it is also available in black!


The last boot I want to highlight is the suede over-the-knee Tempest boot. I’ve owned over-the-knee boots before from other brands, and I’m always disappointed because they never stay up! The boots always end up sliding down my legs, despite having ties or elastic to hold them up. The Tempest boot, however, has never disappointed! The heel is also extremely comfortable for my walks to class.

These are only a few of the women’s boots from Thursday Boot Company, but they show the wide variety of styles the brand offers, while still staying true to their core values of form, function, everyday style, comfort, and durability. You’ll definitely see me wearing them all over campus this season!

All Image Credits: @thursdays Instagram page.

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