2018 Trends

2018 Trends

From wearable art and logomania to dad trainers, 2018 was a year of fashion statements. While some trends were hits that will survive the taste of time, others should be left behind as we cross into 2019.

Ridiculously oversized clothing, from jackets to tees, reigned as one of last year’s biggest themes. Models strutted down runways in cozy but also comically oversized coats. The Balenciaga versions caught the most attention, both for the number of layers but also their meme accessibility (think Friend’s Joey Tribbiani wearing all of Chandler’s clothing in Monica’s apartment)

While some trends, such as the huge eighties revival (big shoulders, black leather, and tons of ruffles) did not surprise -- as fashion often borrows from past decades -- others like kitten heels and futuristic metallics were unexpected.

A new wave of athleisure inspired by retro workout gear not only starred in Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma Spring collection but also on Gucci and Louis Vuitton runways. Tracksuits were transformed from sportswear to high fashion through influencers and A-list celebrities.

2018 was mad for plaid, from fall shows to social media posts. While extravagant but delicate, fringe on skirts and tops stole the spotlight in Paris Fashion Week last spring.

Millennial pink (the star of 2017) was outshined by lavender, from pantsuits to romantic dresses.

There are some trends, however, that should stay in 2018. After Chanel showcased plastic fashion in both its spring and summer 2018 collections, the trend spread to runways and the streets. Plastic, however, is certainly not a part of the sustainable fashion movement, and there is something impractical about carrying your private belongings in a transparent bag or walking all day in anything but leather boots.  

Balaclavas, close-fitting caps that look like ski masks, were another strange trend last year. Covering the whole head and neck to save small slits for the eyes, (and sometimes mouth or nose), various versions of the knit headgear appeared on runways from Calvin Klein to Gucci, even Dior.

While teeny, tiny sunglasses were the most prevalent accessory trend, championed by almost every supermodel last summer, they don’t in fact cover your eyes nor block out the sun, ultimately looking quite insensible.

Which 2018 trends do you plan to strut or ditch in the new year?

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