The Writer's Room

The Writer's Room

Every weekend, Stripe members gather to take a break from assignments, projects, and seemingly endless hours of studying to discuss not only the current state of fashion, but more importantly, our own state in fashion. This year, we decided to every so often start meetings with a warm-up question to help us get into the ~mood~ of the meeting.

Q: What was the most exciting fashion-related thing you did this summer?

“Being able to shop while traveling and see different styles & trends in other countries. (I grew up admiring Japanese fashion subculture and was finally able to see it in person.)”

-       Helen Lin 2018

“The Louis Vuitton Exhibit in Korea.”

-       Christine Kwon 2021

“Deciding to go completely natural with my hair and experiment with more difficult styles.”

-       Stephanie Ohagi 2019

“I was interning at HEC, a business school in Paris. I managed to convince my boss to have me assist with the Fashion Management course. Through that, I met a lot of people from big fashion houses and got to listen to them give (almost) insider info about their companies.

-       Esin Yunosoglu 2019

“I finally cleaned out my closet and donated all the stuff that I no longer wear.”

-       Henry Zheng 2019

“I worked for the production team on the Calvin Klein NYFW Spring 2018 show.”

-       Dayna Taiclet 2020

“I dyed my hair for the first time ever! :)”

-       Katie Zhou 2021

“Went to Nashville and went to store where Elvis and others bought their outfits for performing. Also just going to boutique shops that were more boho.”

-       Olivia Pugh 2021

“I interned at Rosie Assoulin, one of my favorite fashion designers, as a Production Intern! I learned a lot about clothing construction and met a lot of cool people.”

-       Jay Kim 2018

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