Sick Style

Sick Style

Ok so maybe you’re like me and you’ve caught the Princeton Plague. You know the one. The one that really makes you appreciate the good old days *cough cough, (no pun intended) like yesterday* when you could actually breathe out of both nostrils.  But, just because a virus is attacking your body internally, doesn't mean you can't continue to look fabulous; here is how to make the best of your sick fashion

Slim Cut Sweatpants 

They almost look like styled track or joggers, so close enough right? As a bonus, they're incredibly soft; you’re practically walking with your bed around your legs. You have no excuses with these babies.

(The Princeton University store has some cute ones if you feel like giving a shout out to Old Nassau, but you can also find them at a place like Roots.)


Chunky-Moto Boots

It’s chunky boot weather, and these bad boys will also work perfectly for tucking your sweatpants into besides keeping your feet warm during cold morning walks to class; check out either Hunter's version or Timberland's.

Oversized Cable Knit Sweaters and Pullovers

Nothing like hiding your body in well organized yarn. It’s pretty much as close as your going to get to actually wearing a blanket to class without people noticing. Preferably find some with deep pockets to hide all your cough drops and tissues. Free People has some classic ones that will last multiple falls and winters.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 3.26.22 PM.png

A Thermos  

Ok pro tip bring your own thermos to the cafeteria and fill it with tea there it’s so convenient. Herbal tea with honey is going to help with that sore throat and added bonus: carrying a unique thermos really makes you look like have your life together (even if you don’t). There are some neat, eccentric ones you can find, like this one you can get on Amazon for $18.99.



I know leggings are controversial but, they are so comfortable and if you’re feeling under the weather, cut yourself some slack. You can go classic black or you could also spice it up and wear patterned or sweater leggings with a plain oversized top. Websites like recently reviewed SheIn and Romwe, and oldies like American Apparel have so many options; check them out.


Holy Grail: Tiffany's Pearl Tassel Necklace

Holy Grail: Tiffany's Pearl Tassel Necklace

Holy Grail: David Bowie's Parachute Pants

Holy Grail: David Bowie's Parachute Pants