Spotlight On: The Thirst for New Accessories

Spotlight On: The Thirst for New Accessories

When we think of accessories, there seems to be a series of answers to which everyone gravitates. A clutch, small bag, maybe a travel pack or luggage tags, your awesome phone case. But what about your water bottle? It’s something you carry with you on a daily basis, and from personal experience, I can vouch and insist a loss comes with great pain. So why not use it as an opportunity to find one that adds a little punch to your look? Below, we’ve assembled six that are too good to pass up. S'well ($25 - $45)


S’well’s name says it all – it’s truly does a great job. Besides coming in an unbelievable array of colors and patterns (from stainless steel, to crocodile print, to a natural wood) and three different sizes, S’well bottles keep drinks cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12, without any condensation on the surface of the bottle. Ever. In addition, they fit ice cubes, fit into cup holders, and are customizable.


Bobble Bottle ($8 - $25)


I’m a proud owner of the Bobble, which filters your water as your drink it, using a simple, colorful carbon filter that lasts for 300 bottles (or 2 months, whichever comes first). Bobble also makes pitchers, and all their products are dishwasher safe. Say goodbye to weird chlorine smells and unpleasant aftertastes, and say hello to your new best friend.


Define Bottle Twist Top ($24.99)


Define bottle is the solution for those of you who hate the taste of water. The bottle itself is composed of two separate cylindrical pieces – the bottom piece is designed to hold fruit that infuses your water – and solves the problem of flavor boredom. A strainer is then added so that you don’t have to worry about fruit hitting your face every time you reach to grab a drink. Coming in a variety of sizes and with some nice wood finishes, the bottle still offers a nice way to make it customizable, not to mention the color added by your fruit.


321 Water Bottle ($35.00)


Only one thing you need to know: It was featured in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Sure, there are other cool things, like it filters your water using an awesome plunging-type technology (think of a coffee press) that you see (the blue insert) in the image above (it also comes in orange). Remember to refill the filter every 100 bottles, or roughly every 2.5 weeks.


Libre ($32.50)


Libre is the iphone 6 of water bottles; with their chrome and glass combination, they’re sleek, and they’ve got an understated sex appeal that works perfectly. Though it is glass, reviews reveal that they're relatively durable when dropped, though perhaps not on the many surfaces of stone around Princeton. Libre also works as a tea bottle with a built in strainer - great for cold winter months.


Vapur ($8 - $50)


For those of you who always struggle to fit your water bottle in your bag, or hate having to carry it around once its empty, Vapur is the solution. Not only is it rollable, foldable, and as flexible as you could imagine, the “anti-bottle,” as the company calls it, also has built in clips that make hiking and runs a dream. For those who are concerned about water quality, the anti-bottle can also be purchased with a built in filter, or special editions can be bought as replacement wine bottles to make picnics all the easier.



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